Royal Air Conditioner: Different Models and Best Prices in Nigeria

Royal air conditioner

Are you planning on getting a new Royal air conditioner? In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Royal air conditioners; their special features, the different models, their best prices and even where to buy them in Nigeria.

This buying guide will help you find the perfect Royal air conditioner for your comfort and at a price that suits your budget. So, let’s begin!

But wait, what makes Royal ACs stand out from the frosty crowd?

Royal Air Conditioner Features and Comparisons

Royal is a stand-out name in the home appliances market in Nigeria. Their products ranging from refrigerators to blenders, kettles, air fryers, etc., are so well known. And so, their air conditioners are no exception.

Known for their mind-blowing technology, Royal ACs come with modern features and functionalities which include:

1. Sleep mode and Auto restart feature: For tranquil nights, the Sleep Mode maintains a gentle, consistent temperature, facilitating deep relaxation; while the Turbo function is perfect for an instant relief from the heat as it swiftly cools the surroundings.

With Royal AC, manual resets after a power outage are needless; the Auto Restart feature takes care of it, ensuring your preferred settings are automatically reinstated for your convenience.

2. Inverter Technology: Royal inverter ACs maintain consistent temperatures with variable compressor speeds. This translates to faster cooling, lower energy bills, and whisper-quiet operation. The Inverter technology translates to lower electricity bills!

3. Eco-friendliness: Royal air conditioners use environmentally friendly refrigerants, minimizing harm to the ozone layer and aligning with their commitment to sustainable cooling.

4. Other special features: Royal AC comes with a turbo function mode for instant relief from heat, sleep mode for peaceful nights, self-cleaning functions for hassle-free maintenance, and even Wi-Fi control in selected models.

5. Affordability and Diverse Range: Royal offers exceptional value for the features and build quality, making them a smart investment for your comfort.

Depending on your budget, there’s definitely a Royal AC model for you!

6. Lasting built: High-quality materials and robust engineering ensure these ACs weather the heat (and time) with grace. Extended warranties and readily available spare parts guarantee long-lasting coolness.

Royal Air Conditioner Models and Their Prices

Remember, choosing the right Royal AC depends on your needs and budget, room size, desired cooling capacity, features, and your tech savviness.

Royal Split ACs

Royal 1.5HP Split Inverter AC (MR12RSAN)

Royal split air conditioners consist of two-part units; an indoor evaporator and an outdoor condenser, offering more powerful cooling and quieter operation compared to window ACs.

Royal split ACs come in 2 forms; the split inverter AC and the split unit AC.

The Inverter split ACs are equipped with advanced technology which adjusts compressor speed based on cooling needs. They can save you up to 30% on electricity bills compared to traditional models.

Moreover, the Royal signature AC models have even more specialised features like 70% energy saving, WIFI control, etc.

i) Royal 1HP Split Inverter AC (MR09RSAN)

  • Price: ₦290,000 to ₦300,000

ii) Royal 1HP Split Unit AC (MA09RSA)

  • Price: ₦240,000 to ₦250,000

iii) Royal 1.5HP Split Inverter AC (MR12RSAN)

  • Price: ₦300,000 to ₦310,000

iv) Royal 2HP Split Inverter AC (MR18RSAN)

  • Price: ₦470,00 to ₦480,000

v) Royal 2HP Split Unit AC (MA18RSA)

  • Price: ₦370,000 to ₦380,000

vi) Royal Signature 2HP Inverter AC (BV18RSA-INV)

  • Price: ₦600,000 to ₦610,000

vii) Royal Signature 1HP Inverter AC (BV09RSA-INV)

  • Price: ₦420,000 to ₦430,000

Royal Floor Standing Air Conditioners

Royal 2HP Floor Standing Inverter Air Conditioner (18-MKF-INV)

A floor standing air conditioner works similarly to the traditional wall-mounted system. The main difference is that the air conditioner is floor-mounted. They are quick to install, which means the cost of installation will be a lot less.

Royal floor standing air conditioners are equipped with the same features just like its split counterpart. It features sleep and turbo modes, auto restart and energy-saving functions.

The Burj Khalifa model is Royal’s AC special model that is built with amazing features and special technology.

i) Royal 2HP Floor Standing Inverter Air Conditioner (18-MKF-INV)

  • Price: ₦520,000 to ₦530,000

ii) Royal 2HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner (AKF18FAC)

  • Price: ₦520,000 to ₦530,000

iii) Royal 3HP Floor Standing Inverter Air Conditioner (24-MKF-INV)

  • Price: ₦640,00 to ₦650,000

iv) Royal 3HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner (AKF24R410A)

  • Price: ₦660,000 to ₦670,000

v) Royal 5HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner (M48FACX-R410)

  • Price: Above ₦1,000,000

vi) Royal Essence 3HP Floor Standing Inverter AC (QW3FACN-INV)

  • Price: ₦780,000 to ₦790,000

vii) Royal Burj Khalifa 3HP Floor Standing Inverter AC (in colours of Gold and white)

  • Price: Above₦ 1,000,000

Note: For more information on the specific models, visit Royal Electronics.

Where to Buy Royal Air Conditioners in Nigeria

Royal air conditioners are available nationwide in physical and online stores like Jumia, Konga, etc. However, you can buy them at the best prices from physical stores near you.

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