Maxi Gas Cooker: Review and Latest Prices

A pot on aMaxi gas cooker

Maxi produces different models, sizes, and categories of gas cookers to suit different people and budgets. In this guide, we will discuss the various models of Maxi gas cookers, as well as their prices, so you can choose one that perfectly meets your requirements and budget.

What you will like about Maxi gas cookers

Maxi Nigeria is a household name when talking about home and kitchen appliances, especially gas cookers. Maxi gas cookers have the following special features:

  • Cast iron grates: Maxi gas cookers are made of cast iron and these heavyweights distribute heat evenly and are a breeze to clean.
  • Automatic ignition: With the Maxi gas cooker, you might just have to ditch the matchsticks as you won’t need them. This is because their gas cookers are built on automatic ignition.
  • Oven versatility: Maxi ovens come in different varieties offering different options like grilling options, rotisserie functions, and even double compartments for double-duty functions.
  • Safety features: Maxi gas cookers come with special safety features like child locks and flame failure devices.

Maxi Gas Cooker Varieties and their Prices in Nigeria

1. Maxi Table Top Gas Cookers and Their Prices

A table top gas cooker is designed to sit on a table top surface, unlike others which are permanently installed. A table top gas cooker is freestanding, portable, and can be easily moved around.

If you have limited kitchen space, or you want something convenient with flexible cooking solution for various situations, the Maxi table top gas cooker can offer that and more.

How much is the Maxi table top gas cooker in Nigeria?

Maxi 2 burner table top gas cooker - 200 OC

i) Maxi Table Top Gas Cooker with 4 Burners – 400 OC: This Maxi 4 burner gas cooker is a table top gas cooker. It is perfect for homes, hostels, or restaurants. Features of this Maxi gas cooker include rust resistance, table top design and manual ignition.

Price Range: The Maxi table top gas cooker with 4 Burners (Maxi 400 OC) costs between ₦30,000 – ₦40,000 in Nigeria.

ii) Maxi 4 Burner table top gas cooker – Maxi 411 (3 Gas + 1 Electric): This Maxi gas cooker comes with a 4 burner that is 3 gas burners and 1 electric hot plate. However, the Maxi 411 features a manual ignition system.

Price Range: The Maxi table top gas cooker with 4 gas burners (Maxi 411) costs between ₦50,000 – ₦60,000 in Nigeria.

iii) Maxi 2 burner Table Top Gas Cooker – 200 OC: This Maxi gas cooker (Maxi 200 OC) features a manual ignition with 2 gas burners. It is quite portable and weighs only 2 kg.

Price Range: The Maxi 2 burner table top gas cooker (Maxi 200 OC) costs between ₦20,000 – ₦25,000 in Nigeria.

iii) Maxi 3 burner Table Top Gas Cooker- 300 OC: This particular Maxi gas cooker features a 3-gas burner and weighs about 4 kg. It is also portable and is suitable for outdoor cooking, barbecue and more.

Price Range: ₦25,000 to ₦30,000

2. Maxi gas cookers based on the number of burners

Maxi 3 gas burner + 1  electric gas cooker

Based on the number of burners, there are:

  1. Maxi 2 burner gas cooker: Price ranges from ₦20,000 to ₦25,000 in Nigeria.
  2. Maxi 3 burner gas cookers: Price ranges from ₦25,000 to ₦100,000 in Nigeria.
  3. Maxi 4 burner gas cookers: Price ranges from ₦50,000 to ₦400,000 in Nigeria.

3. Maxi Gas Cooker with Oven and Grill

Maxi 60*90 Gas Cooker 6090 INOX

i) Maxi 60*90 Gas Cooker 6090 (5 Gas Burner) INOX: This 5-burner beast boasts a spacious oven with both grilling and baking functions, ideal for ambitious chefs.

Price Range: Above ₦360,000

ii) Maxi 50*50 4 Burner Gas Cooker IGL INOX F5C40G2: This sleek stainless-steel number features a versatile oven with a rotisserie function and grill, perfect for roasting and barbecuing.

Price Range: Above ₦150,000

iii) Maxi 60*60 (4 + 2) INOX: This 4-gas burner with 2 electric-hob powerhouse combines a spacious oven with a convenient grill, catering to diverse cooking styles.

Price Range: Above ₦300,000

iv) Maxi 60*90 (4+2) Burner Gas Cooker INOX: This Maxi 60 by 90 gas cooker features 4 burners with 2 electric hot plates of 1000 W and 1500 W. It also comes with an auto-ignition, up and down oven burner hobs, an oven ignition button, and a double oven glass. It weighs above 64 kg.

Price Range: More than ₦350,000


In this guide, we comprehensively discussed Maxi cookers; ranging from types to categories, their prices and much more. You can find more information about maxi gas cookers here.

We strongly believe that this guide will help you to easily find your perfect Maxi gas cooker that will suit your budget, kitchen space, and other requirements. Happy Cooking!

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